Last year, I was working on a personal portrait project called Familiar Faces where I invited people I’ve met here in Singapore, people who have helped me with my photography one way or the other. I was able to photograph a total of 41 awesome people, and I figured one of the best way to present the collection of portraits really was to put them together in one panoramic frame.

If you view the panorama and slowly scroll to the right, you get to see each of these beautiful people in a comfortable pose, welcoming expression, and no pretense – a glimpse of how they look like when you have a normal conversation with them. I hope that as you look at each of them and their smiles, you get to smile too even just a little bit. As they say, a sincere smile is infectious.

Personally, looking at the composite image makes me feel lucky having had met all these wonderful people – they’ve made my stay here in Singapore worthwhile and quite productive. It’s also because of them that I’m now actively pursuing photography as a full time profession – I hope to kick this off within the next month.

Big big thanks to everyone who said yes to this project. You guys rock!

Please check out the actual panorama in large resolution by clicking HERE.