Singapore is a beautiful city that’s host to a multicultural population resulting to a variety of street destinations each having it’s own vibe and experience. This is what I tried to photograph in this series of streetscapes.

My early influence has always been street photography – capturing the day-to-day as it happens in the streets. This is where my passion for photography basically grew as a hobby. I started working on personal projects like spending hours on weekends shooting street ; or walking around drenched in rain while capturing moments in bad weather ; or asking strangers if I could take their portraits.

Eventually, I transitioned to shooting full time as a career doing lifestyle, corporate, and commercial jobs. But whenever I have free time, I often find myself going back to the streets.

Recently, I tried to create a series of images that could maybe provide a quick glimpse of how it looks and feels like to be in the streets of Singapore. Each image is a composite of multiple photographs of different strangers going about their day-to-day.

Here are the images I’ve created so far:

Some have a story to tell, others are just a snapshot of how looks like to be in the middle of the crowd. Either way, it’s something I always wanted to try out and had good fun in the process.

Thank you guys for viewing!