Lately, I was looking through my archive of street photos taken from the past 3 months. As I browsed among the sea of non-keeper shots, I occasionally came across photos where the subject was looking straight at me with a certain disconcerted look. I thought maybe it would be interesting to put these together into an album that shows my share of startled looks and nasty stares when shooting street.

If you do a fair amount of street shooting, no matter how much you try to be quick and discrete, you are bound to encounter these looks. Every street photographer has their own stash of ‘dirty look’ photos in their archives. Some call this, the ‘death stare’. I know a few photographers whose objective even is to capture exactly these reactions (and to great effect).

This is a collection of my outtakes. It’s a light-hearted first-person look at the different reactions a street photographer can get when shooting street. It’s curious to note though that none of my subjects confronted me about it – they just went along. Surprisingly, some of my street photographer friends actually preferred these over my other usual shots!


If you want to see more of these, please visit my tumblr page. I’ll be updating this as I occasionally get one stare after another.