Every year, the National University of Singapore launches an admissions publicity campaign that feature young NUS alumnus who stand out in their field and serve as inspiration to new blood.

The brief was to photograph 8 young alumnus, in different days, different scenarios, and different locations around Singapore. The images were to be used in their website, posters, and banners – which means for each subject, we needed to take multiple angles, scenarios, and perspectives to be able to cover all the requirements.

This photoshoot is one of my favourites. We got to shoot in the university campus, out in the heritage-rich districts of Katong, in the middle of the Central Business District, inside the Malay Heritage Museum, to name a few. We had good people to shoot, great people supporting the shoot, and enough challenges and opportunities to make good images that will keep a photographer on his toes. And it doesn’t hurt that you get to see the photos in the NUS website, in bus stops and train stations.

Here are some of the images we took from each of them.

Taking environmental portraits and in-action shots are one of my favourite challenges in photography. Sometimes you get to plan things out, other times you have to wing it. Sometimes you can use ambient light, other times you have to use strobe lights. Sometimes you’re given a full 2 hours, other times you only have 10 minutes.

Ah, the life of a photographer… it never gets dull :)

One thing I have to say though, is that each and every alumni we photographed exuded that competence, confidence and humility so I never really had a problem directing them.

I must have done something right coz the client has commissioned me for the 2019 campaign shoot – it’s currently ongoing upon this writing. And this new one is even more exciting than the previous one. I’m excited to share them with you once it’s done.

Big big shout out to Candy for having me in for the shoot, to Arlene and Mel for the good vibes, to Abel for the assist, and to Matthew and Zexun for covering my back.