Stranger #100

Posted on October 13th, by Danny Santos II in Personal Project. 21 comments

Stranger #100

I was walking along Orchard when I saw her walking towards my direction. She was wearing a simple one-piece dress, and was quite tall almost towering over most of the people around her. I wasn’t decided yet if I wanted to shoot her, but as I got closer, I knew I had to – she had this subtle angelic charm. My heart started to pound… it always does whenever I’m about to approach a stranger for their portrait. I stopped her and asked if I could take her picture. She smiled and said "Oh, street style." I chuckled a "yeah…", relieved that she understood what I was doing. She said yes. After I took a few shots, I thanked her and she went on her way. I noticed my hands were slightly shivering. It’s funny because she’s my 100th stranger and I still get the shivers. Maybe it was because it’s been almost 3 weeks since I last approached a stranger. Or maybe it was because I knew I had a keeper shot.

This is my 100th stranger. I started this project thinking I’ll stop at 100… but I figured I really loved doing this so I might as well go on to shoot more… but not regularly, though. Just when I have some free time, or I happen to have my camera in my hands and see a stranger with a great face. In the meantime, I’m still brewing up a new project to work on.

I also still have some faces queued up, so please still watch out for those. Thank you guys for following this project and for all the comments and support!

To see the whole set, please visit my Facebook page album or my Flickr set.

21 thoughts on “Stranger #100

  1. She’s beautiful and the shot is beautiful too. I love the colors of the bokeh. The only thing I might have done differently is to include the top of her head in the shot . . . but I’ve seen and can appreciate this style too. Nonetheless, still a great shot.

  2. Congratulations,
    She seems indeed very beautiful, and the shot immortalizes this in a very unique way.
    I have always wondered if you spend much time setting up the camera for every particular shot, or if you even have the time too in those brief moments.
    Also, just out of curiosity, how much post-processing are you doing?

    cheers mate!

  3. Gorgeous shot! You successfully captured her angelic charm that initially caught your attention. Certainly a keeper, you couldn’t have chosen a better stranger to commemorate your 100th street portrait.

  4. Congratulations!
    how do you make it that all of the strangers have such interesting face expressions? do you tell them not to smile or anything?
    greetings from germany!

  5. @Valery: thank you for visiting my site :) and even bigger thanks for saying yes when I approached you. I’m ecstatic that you are happy about it! I got a lot of comments that you are the fitting face for it :)

  6. Hey Congrats Danny for teh 100th pick & what a way to reach 100, when a stranger comes back and appriciate your efforts!i am so glad i follwed ur project.

    btw, i wonder if someone would be d 1st one to do a 200 stranger project! … hmm i wonder.

  7. i just ran across your flickr and blog and am fascinated with your mission of photographing strangers. very interesting. i will become a fan.

  8. Danny, honestly your one of my inspiration in street shots… I’ve been trying to take portrait shots like you do but yours is far way better… I’m not a fan of any blog but when it comes to your blog I enjoy reading it every single lines… Keep it up!

    Btw last week I went to Singapore and tried taking photos along Orchard. I noticed the variety of people you see along orchard comparing it here in Philippines and I must say it’s better to shoot strangers there than here….

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  10. congratulations sir danny! i’ve been a fan of your street portraits ever since i saw your posts in FPS. i’m hoping that i can take 100 portraits in 2011. thank you for the inspiration!

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  12. A very stunning shot of a very stunning lady. No wonder your hands shake. You are doing what we dream.

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