Once in a while, I get to capture a photograph that makes my heart leap. A “keeper” that would be part of my few photos that I would be really proud of. This is one such photo.

I saw her from afar, walking briskly, standing out of the crowd with her short blonde hair and tall stature. I knew I had to take her portrait. My heart was pounding… I took a deep breath then approached her with a smile… “Is it ok if I take your picture?” She smiled back and said “Of course.”

Stranger #47

I usually give out my business card to the strangers I take close up portraits of so they could see their photo if they checked out my website… unfortunately, I regret that I wasn’t able to give her one. I guess I was too happy to have gotten the shot that it passed my mind.

Incidentally, it was #1 in Flickr’s Explore for April 12, 2010. In case you’re not familiar with it, ‘Explore’ is Flickr’s countdown of the top 500 photos of the day.