I was involved in a non-profit project where I needed to contribute a number of different images that depicted life in Singapore – one of the categories was family. I didn’t have a lot of family photos in my archive, so I decided to offer free photography sessions to local families.

I posted this on my facebook page, I also approached some of my office mates whom I know where family men. I got a few emails, but the responses really started to pour in when daddy bloggers Andy and Kelvin helped spread the word. Thanks, guys!

I offered free 20-minute photo sessions and in return for their time, I would email them select photographs from the session, and an A4 print of the photo of their choice. I got to photograph 11 families in total. It was a blast.

Photographing families was a new experience for me. The main challenge was getting the kids to get comfortable about the whole thing. So I’d ask the parents “What do they like to do? What will make them smile?” And most of them answered “They like to run.” So we made them run, play, scoot, ride piggyback… pretty much anything we could think off to make sure the kids had fun. Then I’d try to capture the moment.

Behind the scenes shot by Kelvin Ang
Photo above taken by daddy blogger Kelvin Ang

I did the shoot consecutively with one family after another, and in no time, I was all drenched in sweat like I just ran a marathon. It was all worth it. Having to meet, photograph, and briefly connect with different families was quite an experience and a ton of fun.

Below are some of the photos I’ve taken during this family photo marathon:

Family Photography by Danny Santos

Family Photography by Danny Santos

Big big thanks to Jocelyn, Dennis, William, Chin Yeow, Andy, Janis, Linda, Kelvin, Lynn, Karis, Joycelyn, and their beautiful families for volunteering for the shoot. I had fun with all of you, guys.

To view the rest of the photos, click here.
Gears used:
I used my Nikon D300 and interchanged my Nikkor 85mm f1.4D and Nikkor 24mm f1.4G. Everything was shot on available light.