The Not So Christmas-y Christmas Photo

Posted on December 19th, by Danny Santos II in Client Work. 27 comments

I was emailed by Margery a few weeks ago, saying “My husband and I need a Christmas photo, but are not the type to pose in matching sweaters in a studio. All we really need is one good shot of us in the midst of the chaos that is Orchard Road. We are after a photo that is casual and captures us in the heart of Singapore.” I was instantly interested and took the job.

She further added that she preferred to incorporate some of the Christmas decors in Orchard. So I scheduled the shoot on a Saturday at 630pm onward coz that’s the time the decors light up. Fortunately for me, I’ve rented out a Nikon D3X for another client shoot earlier that day. The D3X (partnered with the 85mm f1.4 and 24mm f1.4 lenses) was perfect for shooting at night without flash in the streets – it handled very well in low light conditions.

I told them they’d have to prepare for a long walk coz we’ll be going around Orchard for an hour or so. They were up for it. When we were shooting, they were very comfortable in front of the camera. I gave very little direction as all I had to do was tell them where to stand. They were so easy to photograph. What a beautiful couple.

Big thanks to Margery and Dan. This was my first time to shoot a Christmas photo, and you guys made it easy for me :)

27 thoughts on “The Not So Christmas-y Christmas Photo

  1. love colors, bokeh, DOF and flash use ….but especially at the last photo the traffic light pole should be straight… pre last tilts also to the left. As you have models and these are no candid shots you should pay attention. keep up the good work

  2. Hi Danny , this is such a gr8 & amazing shot, i bet those couples would be really happy after they would have seen your pictures…….

    else regarding photos the colors look really nice in all the pics , i like the first and last pic , keep working , you r doing gr8……

  3. Danny these are really lovely natural shots and you have done an excellent job my friend. Isn’t strange how some street furniture won’t stand up straight for us photographers though. Please don’t be discouraged by some of the idiotic comments you get on social media, you are blazing a trail and have been an inspiration to me.
    Keep up the good work and keep it your own…not text book!!

  4. Nice man, still killing it. Regarding Reinhard’s comment about the traffic light pole, I think if it were straight it would become more of a dividing line, rather than an element that nicely ties in the scene. Just my opinion though, no rights or wrongs here. Have merry celebrations this season!

  5. 2nd^

    and I agree with the comment above, except that I think it doesn’t necessarily have to be straight? it’s just heavy on the left because of the weight of the traffic light on the upper left side of the photo. if it tilted to the right i’m guessing it would’ve been okay. :-)

    regardless, all the photos are rather excellent. your mastery of light just amazes me. you can see bokeh with your naked eye. :-)

  6. A beautiful set of portraits – I’m sure they’re absolutely thrilled with them, I definitely would be! Just love the relaxed feeling.

    With regards to your first commet, gotta say it made me laugh. No matter how good a photograph is, there’s always somebody who nitpicks. The funny thing is, I didn’t even notice the tilt until I came to comment, and read the first comment.

    But then again, 99% of the time, those who leave critical comments, usually do so because they are not skilled in X area. Illogical, but it happens. :)

  7. A beautiful couple indeed! The look lovely and look at ease with you taking their photos. Excellent work again, Danny! I love the first especially and the second, the colours are gorgeous!

    It’s great you’re getting all this work!

  8. Hi,
    I’d appreciate if Danny or any of you can help clear this up for me. In Singapore, is it illegal to take pictures of people in public places? I mean street photography… close ups etc of strangers with their consent? I know in US it is legal as long as it is a public place.

  9. Yepp they’re a beautiful couple and they’re really game for it! I like the idea too. AND THE COLORS IN THE PHOTOS – they’re so vibrant! Good job… Did you post-process this photos?

  10. Hey just came across your website and your photos look great! I do a humble bit of photog and have special interest in street particularly, but I’m exceptionally curious in how do you always get the kind of backgrounds with the distinct unfocused light like the first photo in this post

  11. Hi Danny, great photos of lovely couple incorporating the light and street. Btw, on the last photo did you consciously choose to leave the passerby on the left in the shot as a detail..?

    Your style is really interesting.

  12. I was randomly googling for some photography shots and was directed to your site. Just..WOW!
    I really loved the couple, and the pictures? Just fantastic.

    good job dude!

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