Keeper of the Month (April 2010)

Posted on April 14th, by Danny Santos II in Keeper of the Month, Personal Project. 17 comments

Once in a while, I get to capture a photograph that makes my heart leap. A “keeper” that would be part of my few photos that I would be really proud of. This is one such photo.

Stranger #47

I saw her from afar, walking briskly, standing out of the crowd with her short blonde hair and tall stature. I knew I had to take her portrait. My heart was pounding… I took a deep breath then approached her with a smile… “Is it ok if I take your picture?” She smiled back and said “Of course.”

I usually give out my business card to the strangers I take close up portraits of so they could see their photo if they checked out my website… unfortunately, I regret that I wasn’t able to give her one. I guess I was too happy to have gotten the shot that it passed my mind.

Incidentally, it was #1 in Flickr’s Explore for April 12, 2010. In case you’re not familiar with it, ‘Explore’ is Flickr’s countdown of the top 500 photos of the day.

17 thoughts on “Keeper of the Month (April 2010)

  1. This is another great shot of the strangers collection! The clarity and contrast of all your photos is just amazing. I wonder if you could give some insight into your post-production.


  2. @andibl: Thanks, man… post-production basically involves controlling the contrast by adjusting highlights and shadows on selected areas on the face, then adding a little vignette. That’s pretty much it :)

  3. @Rob: Yup, and you’re not the first one to notice. Others are telling me shoot more locals. Some even tell me that I haven’t shot any old women. And that’s all true. I currently have about 55 strangers in my flickr set… about half (or a little more) are caucasian. I used to not make any preconceived qualification on who to shoot.. just as long as they attract my attention was good enough. But after these comments, I now have a conscious effort on making this collection more cosmopolitan, as you put it. And it’s still a work in progress :)

  4. is this one of the 100 Strangers you met? :D this is cool. i am inspired with your photos! and this project too! im gonna make my own version one day! :D

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  6. @Shukura: nope, no release forms… from what I understand, the release forms are needed only if you intend to used the images for commercial purposes, like for selling products or brands. But if it’s for art projects only, no need. I hope I’m right though :)

  7. judging from all your pictures, you very fancy of caucasian women or should i say its your fetish.

    Your subconscious curiosity leads you to focus more on this group.

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