Corporate Portrait Shoot for IFS Asia Pacific

Posted on May 20th, by Danny Santos II in Client Work, Corporate Portrait. 15 comments

Corporate Portraits by Danny Santos II

I was commissioned by Jan Brunaes, CEO of IFS Asia Pacific, to take corporate portraits for 3 guys in his office. I haven’t really done any corporate portraits before so I figured I’d try it out.

The first thing I did was research on how corporate portraits usually look like. Most are the usual studio-type shots with the printed backdrop and strobes; others are the ones with skyscrapers in the background; and yet others have the company logo prominently displayed. I thought I’d just figure out how to go about it when I see their office. Jan offered to bring his Elinchrom light kit for the shoot but I insisted on using available light.

When I got there, I was so glad to see that Jan’s office had a huge space with huge windows, so it was perfectly lit for portraits. I decided to keep the portraits simple and straight-forward. Thanks to Jan, Simon, and Wilbert, each of them was a good sport. And I was happy with how the photos came out. These are some of the ones that were chosen:

Gears used:
I used my Nikon D300 with Nikkor 85mm f1.4D lens.

15 thoughts on “Corporate Portrait Shoot for IFS Asia Pacific

  1. Excellent ones. Natural light, too good.

    Danny, I own a 550D which is crop sensor. I am planing to get a 35mm or a 85mm lens. Could you share some thoughts on which would be better with a crop sensor camera. Thanks.

  2. Hey danny! wow what a astonishing job! How come the subject aren’t overexposed, cuz i have a 50mm 1.4G and with that kind of a background they usually overexpose. Is it the shutterspeed? mine only goes until 1/4000 probably yours go’s futher.


    • @Casper: Thanks, man! I actually intentionally shot most of these over exposed.. then I just adjust the exposure as well as the highlights and shadows on post to bring out the details as you see them now.

  3. uh thats always amazing here danny well done :)
    just wanna ask about the details specialy about Facial Pore is the adter retouch or just coz some oter reason ?

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