La Buena Educación: an Editorial Shoot for Mia Magazine

Posted on March 29th, by Danny Santos II in Client Work, Editorial. 11 comments

Sofia for Mia Magazine, by Danny Santos II

Last month, I was commissioned to do an editorial for Mia, a female weekly magazine in Spain. They were working on a feature about the best educational systems in the world, and Singapore seems to be at the top along with Quebec and Helsinki. They interviewed a Spanish family from each of these places to talk about the advantages of the education system compared to that of Spain. I was assigned to photograph here in Singapore.… Read more

A Quick Interview for Sync-Up.TV

Posted on March 22nd, by Danny Santos II in Interview. 8 comments

I was interviewed last weekend by Silver for Sync-Up.TV, a weekly online IT channel geared towards gadgets and technology. It’s my first time to be interviewed on video, so I think you’ll see a little awkwardness on my part. I’m never comfortable in front of the lens… always prefer to be on the other side. But it’s a quick and painless watch, so please do check it out :)

Big thanks to Alexa, Nick, Shaiful, and the very cool Silver… you guys are awesome!… Read more